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Victorian Music Curriculum

An un-packing of the Victorian Music Curriculum - in regional locations

As a highly respected curriculum writer, Mandy Stefankis' contributions to the new Victorian Music Curriculum has been invaluable.

In this workshop, Mandy will  'unpack' the Victorian Curriculum for Music which is to be implemented in 2017. Through a combination of direct presentation and practical activities, Mandy will enlighten teachers on all essential aspects and requirements of the new curriculum. Participants will be involved in a range of activities to help them plan for, teach, assess and report on student learning in music.


Special Needs in Music Education

A presentation and discussion of issues surrounding Special Needs in Music Education - in regional locations

Increasingly, teachers are finding themselves having to navigate numerous, and at times conflicting learning needs of the students in their music classes and lessons. These environments can be challenging for students with additional needs. There is no easy solution to managing a multi-skilled classroom, but awareness of students learning needs and supporting strategies can help to engage and more fully involve students with additional needs.


The Singing Classroom 2

A Professional Learning program for generalist primary classroom teachers offering them support, confidence, skills and resources to sing more regularly with their students.

Date: Thursday 25 August 2016

Presented by:

Workshop code: PL16302

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Music Technology: Lessons for Schools with Chromebooks, BYOD and Mixed Devices

Date: Friday 19 August 2016

Presented by: Katie Wardrobe

Workshop code: PL16301

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Music Technology: iPads for Conductors, Arrangers and Studio Teachers

Date: Friday 2 September 2016

Presented by: Katie Wardrobe

Workshop code: PL16303

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