MusicMail is the primary communication tool for the members of the Association of Music Educators (aMuse). It is a highly valued essential service by the members of aMuse. Users should be aware of these guidelines.

Who may subscribe to MusicMail?

This list is open, meaning that anyone may subscribe to RECEIVE MusicMail messages. We think this is a good idea and makes our community stronger and more informed.

To subscribe to MusicMail: click here..

Try to remember your log in details, that way you can check messages in the archive.

The list is operated by aMuse and paid for with members finds. If you find this list useful, you should think about supporting the association by paying a membership subscription.

Who may post messages to MusicMail?

Only financial members of aMuse may post messages on MusicMail.

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How to post a message to MusicMail?

1. Subject should be very CLEAR to the reader. 'For MusicMail' or 'Please post' is not clear. 'Violin teacher wanted' is very clear.

2. All content should be included in the body of the message. One screen only. Less is more.

3. Do not include ANY extra greetings or instructions. For example, "Dear aMuse, Please post this message to the list'. These will be rejected.

4. Do not include any attachments - these will be automaticlaly scrubbed. Use links instead.

5. Content of the message must be deemed appropriate to aMuse members.

6. Posting should be sent via email to:

7. Check your message carefully BEFORE sending. Messages will only be sent ONCE. There is no message recall available with this service.

8. If you advertising an event, you may send ONE initial message, and a SECOND to follow up closer to the event. All messages are archived and may be accessed by subscribers at anytime.

What is appropriate content?

The subscribers of this list are music teachers and therefore messages must be relevant to the Music Education Profession. Messages may include: employment opportunities, resource sharing, professional learning programs, research, professional networking, or provision of student programs that teachers may find interesting.

Messages of that contain purely commercial advertising will not be approved.

All messages are moderated for appropriate content.

It may take up to 24 hours for messages to be approved. Longer on weekends and public holidays.