Listen! I Made it Myself. The Why, What and How of Student Composition from Go to Wow!

A three-hour workshop exploring composition and 21st Century assessment and reporting.
Thursday 26 October 2017
2.00pm - 5.00pm

This workshop will look at the reasons why it is imperative for all students to be given the opportunity to explore their own musical ‘voice’ as part of a comprehensive music education. It will:

  • Provide teachers with strategies to build composition into their classroom and instrumental music teaching, no matter the level of experience of students.
  • Demonstrate how resources aimed at particular age groups can be used in both simple and complex ways to engage students in composition and cater for diverse needs.
  • Provide specific skills in assessing and reporting on students’ creative process using contemporary assessment and reporting practices
  • Explore the role of the Victorian Curriculum’s General Capabilities to enhance student learning through creative practice.

It has relevance to all teachers at all levels engaged in music education.

Mandy-StefanakisAbout Mandy Stefanakis

Mandy Stefanakis has assisted in the development, professional learning and teaching of music curriculum in Victoria and nationally for more than thirty years. She becomes daily more bloody-minded in her desire to see all students provided with the opportunity to develop a sense of musical self, through playing instruments, interpreting the music of others, arranging, improvising, composing and connecting musically with like-minded souls.

Mandy Stefanakis is a sessional lecturer in music education at Deakin University teaching undergraduate classroom and specialist teacher trainees and Masters of Education music specialist secondary teacher trainees. She was previously Director of Music at Christ Church Grammar School and Essex Heights Primary School.  She is very proudly past-President and a Life Member of aMuse and a current committee member. She has taught music from pre-school through to tertiary education.

She lectured in music education at the University of Melbourne where she also received her Master of Education degree. She has contributed to many arts curriculum initiatives including for VCAA, Musica Viva in Schools and the MSO and has conducted professional development to assist implement this curricula and also arts advocacy in Victoria and nationally over several decades. She is a member of the Advisory Council of The Music Trust and Music in Australia Knowledge Base.

Mandy is the author of many articles and reviews and the Australian music focussed education kits, Turn it Up! written for secondary students.  She has conducted extensive interviews with musicians and filmmakers for the National Film and Sound Archive. Her major research interest is the exploration of unique musical identities. She is an avid composer and has written many pieces for school choirs and ensembles in addition to piano and orchestral music. Her obsession with piano and cello continues.


Thursday 26 October 2017 -   TULLAMARINE

Venue: Gladstone Park Primary School, 15-25 South Circular Rd, Gladstone Park.

Workshop code: PL17CAA02
Cost: $50.00
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm

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