A Professional Learning program for generalist primary classroom teachers offering them support, confidence, skills and resources to sing more regularly with their students.

“Music education uniquely contributes to the emotional, physical, social and cognitive growth of all students.”
National Review of School Music Education, Australia, 2005

Imagine a school day where singing is an integral part of the program – not an add-on or an extra activity, but integrated into the existing daily program.

aMuse launched this exciting new program in 2012 aimed at providing generalist primary teachers with the skills and resources to build the confidence needed to sing regularly with their students!

“The key with meaningful music learning, is that it has to be ‘continuous, sequential and developmental’ for students to benefit. We know, for example, that as few as 23% of government schools are able to offer their students a music education which fits that bill - they would like to, but they lack the resources. In private schools, the number leaps up to 88%.”

The Singing Classroom can be delivered in your school anywhere in Victoria throughout 2016. This program has been designed and developed by the Association of Music Educators.

The Singing Classroom workshops will:
Provide skills and resources for generalist teachers to enable more singing in the classroom
Build confidence in generalist primary teachers to sing with their students
Provide techniques to lift the profile of singing in schools and classrooms
Demonstrate ways of integrating singing into dedicated music sessions as well as into the general curriculum

Content of all workshops
Discussion – why singing is important
How to teach a song
Chants, rounds, part-songs, action songs
Ideas for integrating singing into the curriculum
Vocal health
Extension ideas for integrating composition and percussion

The Singing Classroom – Level 1

Introduction to the purpose of singing in the classroom

Singing and brain development

Links to literacy, numeracy and more

The use of singing, body percussion and instruments to stimulate creativity

Sample songs, rounds, group composition activities, writing a rap and more

Supporting the development of self-confidence in teachers and students

The Singing Classroom – Level 2

For teachers who’ve completed Level 1

Body percussion and rap compositions

The elements of music

Approaches to teaching the Performing Arts

Songs for teaching concepts

Excepts from Disney’s “Broadway Junior Collection” teaching resources

More songs and rounds

More support for the development of self-confidence in teachers and students



Option 1
1.5 - 2 hour professional learning session for teachers
Suitable for daytime and/or after-school staff meeting -$310

Option 2
3 hour professional learning session for teachers
Suitable for student-free PD days - $420

Option 3
All day (5 hours) professional learning session for teachers
Suitable for student-free PD days - $600

Option 4
Customized Workshop
Customize any combination of workshops over a day, week, term, or year. Contact the aMuse office for further information.

Content of all workshops
• Discussion - why singing is important
• How to teach a song
• Chant, rounds, part-songs, action songs
• Ideas for integrating singing into the curriculum
• Vocal health
• Extension ideas for integrating composition and percussion

All participants in The Singing Classroom will be provided with:
• Resource book and audio CD for teacher follow up
• PD certificate


'Children are sensory learners; they see, hear, touch, taste and smell their way through life, soaking up all of the learning experiences that they encounter. "Music" is a big part of their world; it entertains, captivates and engages their fertile imaginations; it caters to their simple, sensory needs. In order to maximise this learning opportunity, we need to learn more about the many and varied uses of "Music". "The Singing Classroom" takes teachers/participants into a new, creative world. The focus is on engaging students in meaningful curriculum that is fun for everyone. Participants are taken through a diverse range of musical activities that bring out the "child" in each of them. Their knowledge base is extended as they participate in activities that can be transferred easily into the classroom. Cross-curriculum areas are explored    with "Music" catering to the different Learning Styles and enhancing the stages of developmental learning: cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language. This holistic style of teaching suits students of all ages. At the end of this PD session, participants leave armed with great resources, amazing ideas and renewed enthusiasm. "The Singing Classroom" leaves the participants wanting to try out all the new things that they have learned.'
Heather Thompson
Rowville CRT Network Coordinator


'Just want to congratulate you upon the wonderful presentation of 'The Singing Classroom', which I attended today. It was one of the best professional development workshops I have attended in over forty years. Many of the ideas brought back memories of songs & rhymes I had used before but there was also a mass of possibilities for future teaching. This workshop was interactive and everyone appeared to be enjoying the participation and the extension of ideas. Being presented with a resource book and CD meant that I could refer to a song,rhyme or chant and not just remember it. As a CRT I am excited to use the resource ideas to recall old favourites and extend my repertoire for integrating singing in the primary classroom. Five hours went past so quickly because we were enjoying your involvement and the interaction of like minds. Teaching Year 2 on Monday and can't wait to use some of your ideas.'
Lorraine Webb

'This was a really entertaining day and you are such a terrific presenter! t was really helpful to be able to 'try out ' the activities and then to be able to give feedback, because like you said it encourages us to try new ideas. I am certain the next time I'm in the classroom I'll be using one of the activities from your presentation. When I'm in the younger classes and I take the roll in the morning I sing out the kids names in different tones and they reply singing! It's a happy start to the morning. Hope I get a chance to see you present again, and I look forward to checking out your webpage.'


'Just wanted to write and say how inspired I was after attending 'The Singing Classroom' PD on Saturday. It gave me a true insight into the many ways music can be incorporated into the curriculum on a daily basis at any year level. The book is a terrific resource and one I shall carry with me in my bag of CRT goodies. Great ideas and lots of fun work - shopping our performances.'

'I first attended your PD in July 2012 and it was by far the most motivational PD I’d attended so far. I decided to attend again this February as a refresher day and was not disappointed. You have such a warm, caring and encouraging manner that I found myself thoroughly enjoying the day and even contributing ideas, as well as learning from other CRT’s ideas. I came home with renewed enthusiasm and the courage to try more ideas next time I’m in the classroom. The numerous ways in which music and singing can be utilised during the day has been reinforced, and I’ve now been armed with great ideas for those short blocks of time when you need a fun, yet educational ‘filler’. The bound ‘Singing Classroom resource booklet and CD’ with written ideas will also be well utilised. I enjoyed every aspect of the day, but in particular learning how to ‘layer’ up basic ideas.  Each of the sub-sections-Welcome Songs, Numeracy Songs, Action Songs etc has its own merits and different uses yet  stem from something quite simple. Thanks to you, (and Heather Thompson for organising the day), I now feel more empowered when in a classroom. There are only so many times you can sing,  “Who stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?” when children become restless. Sadly, this had become my basic standby as I find it increasingly difficult to ‘pull ideas from my head’ and songs are my preferred time fillers. Thankfully, I now have more ideas to choose from.'
Pam Dickfos


The Singing Classroom is generously supported by

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